BCM freezes Outlook 2007



Need help making BCM work again with Outlook 2007 after some Microsoft

I have upgraded Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 about a month ago to take
advantage of the BCM features.

The Outlook has since been running a bit slower and at times, when opening
Outlook, I get a message that the database wasn't closed properly, although
it typically closes just fine.

The day before yesterday, MS Live Update downloaded and installed a number
of updates. Yesterday morning, Outlook froze when I tried to open it, and
after a few seconds, all the tasks in the To-Do Bar disappeared from view...
had to use Task Manager to close the application.

Here is what I tried to do... still need help:

I did not have my disks handy, so first tried the following with Restart
after each one:

- Doing a complete virus / spyware sweep with Norton 360
- Rolling back the updates (not all were "uninstallable")
- Uninstalling all known add-ins
- Stopping file indexing to save memory
- Reducing SQL database memory requirements
- Removing .obi and .dat files from the Outlook directory (in case a sharing
conflict was causing the freeze)

Then with the disks:
- Repair Outlook
- Install all other MS Office 2007 programs (I was only using Oulook 2007
- Reinstall Outlook and updates
- Repair BCM

No effect.

Then I uninstalled BCM - and Outlook was working just fine, but I lost all
the contacts I moved into BCM.... and I really need the BCM functionaliy.

Then tried to reinstall BCM - again, Outlook froze upon opening and tasks in
To-Do Bar disappeared (from view, not from database)

There was also one interesting side effect while I was mucking around:

- When I opened up Internet Explorer (seeimingly unrelated program), the
icons associated with web sites were all different, e.g. instead of "E"
pictures for Economist.com website, I had "M" which looked like a Microsoft
symbol for this website.

I am using Sony Vaio notebook VGN-FZ140E, Intel Core 2 Due T1700, with 2GB
RAM, Vista Home Premium.

Any suggestions?


I'm having the exact same problem, only now when I try to open BCM it crashes
outlook completely

Luther Blissett

Same problem here.

Ever since some update, pushing any of a number of navi buttons
(calendar, mail, BCM, etc.) Outlook crashes.

I've also tried to do the repair office 2K7 as mentinoed above with no

Anybody else got any ideas??


1) If on Vista, try running Outlook as admin once.
2) Try deleting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Business
Solutions eCRM. Contents will get regenerated.

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