BCM-Business Contact Manager and Outlook 2003. Any way to speed it up ?


Tedd Riggs

I have tried to use the new BCM with Outlook 2003 and it seems to slow to a
painful crawl in Windows XP PRO RC1 (was slow before RC1 also). Normally
Outlook 2003 would open all menus in about 15 seconds and with BCM it is
more like 90 seconds. I have un-installed it and put it back and no change.
My PST is small (500 K) so I do not think that is a issue.
Any known tweaks or changes out there ? I would like to use BCM, but it
really wipes out any kind of fast response in OL 2003.
Thanks !

Down Home

There is now a seperate newsgroup to address BCM issues. You will want to
olace your post here:

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