Basics of "My Network Places"



I'm using a WinXP-pro PC, and wondered if someone may offer a few
overview-level insights into the uses and purpose of "My Network Places".

It's clear you'd use this to go to a folder on another local PC's c-drive,
but it also came pre-installed with an entry that says "My Web Sites on MSN"
(is this free?), so it looks like you can go to computer drives that are
remotely located also. So, I wondered about what all you can do with My
Network Places. Below's a sort of hokey way to fill in knowledge voids, but
I wondered if blanks could be filled in along with any clarifications...

Example1. Use Network Places to go to a folder that has been shared on
another PC within the local office network. You can get files, use/modify
them, and re-save them to that PC, or move files off your PC to that PC.
(Is this right?).

Example2. Use Network Places to go to the computer of a company that is
hosting your website. The reason you'd want to do that is because _______,
and using Network places allows you to ______. (I used FrontPage to publish
websites, would that still be needed?)





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