I have a slight problem here. Avance AC97 Audio onboard
sound card in Emachines 570. i run AudioLab to copy LPs
to CD.(Briefly, u have to connect the phones socket on
Hifi to the Line-In on PC to record) Worked great for
awhile and i made a few CDs. now on playback the sound is
distorted. i have the latest version of AudioLab now but
the problem remains;which i think lies in WinXP. i also
have a new driver for the audio device now Realtek AC97.
The fault is here: Sound and Audio Devices Properties
Audio>Volume Control. under Microphone and PC Speaker
the BALANCE bars are GREYED OUT.Under Microphone>
Advanced the Tone Controls>Bass and Treble are also
greyed out. everything else is OK. Is it a physical
problem with the soundcard or with WinXP HE SP1.How do i
correct or repair this please? Plz bear in mind i only
have a Restore CD on a store bought machine with WinXP
pre-installed. Is there a repair option? The system is
otherwise healthy. I have uninstalled the sound device
AC97 Audio and reinstalled new one, but the problem is
still there. current driver is dated 11/03 My speakers
work fine. ALL sounds and games sounds work fine. media
player music is fine, audio CDs fine, even movies and
DVDs play OK. but this balance control problem seems to
only affect the playback on my LP - CD program. i cant
copy my vinyl to CD now. i have a screenshot with the
problem shown if needed!! i would appreciate some help
with this.


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