Backup (XP Pro) & Component Services locked



I used to back up without any problem prior to installing SP3 or Explorer
8--I have not backed up for many months, so don't know just which
installation has caused the problem. I searched through this site, and have
the same problem with backup as others except I cannot open Componet Services
under Administrative Tools to look for the application ID for the Shadow Copy
Provider entry. I read Tbrox's reply to another user's problem with Shadow
Copy Utility stalling at beginning of backup suggesting this resolution.

I have checked the Event Errors and they are:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSDTC
Event Category: SVC
Event ID: 4437
Date: 7/31/2009
Time: 3:43:23 PM
User: N/A
Computer: DJLD2331
The account that the MS DTC service is running under is invalid. This can
happen if the service account information has been changed using the Services
snap-in in Microsoft Management Console (MMC). MS DTC service will continue
to start. Please make sure that the MS DTC service account information is
updated using the Component Services Explorer.

How do I do the above repair, and is it the problem? There is another
interesting "information" entry in the log:Event Type: Information
Event Source: HHCTRL
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1904
Date: 7/31/2009
Time: 5:43:39 PM
User: N/A
Computer: DJLD2331
The description for Event ID ( 1904 ) in Source ( HHCTRL ) cannot be found.
The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message
DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use
the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for
details. The following information is part of the event: about:blank,

I could not find this link. Why would a remote computer be trying to access
my computer--I am a stand alone user?

I have scanned with my updated NAV and Spybot--nothing.

Can someone please assist me?



PA Bear [MS MVP]

Did you disable NAV and the Spybot Residents SDHelper & Tea Timer prior to
installing SP3 and/or IE8?




Thanks for your reply. Yes I did disable Norton AV and Spybot during install
and I have not had any other problems until this backup, and now the
component services not responding. I changed the services entries for Net
Logon under Services to "Manual" from "Automatic" because of a continuous
Error 3095, but that should not do this. Is the MS DTC service causing the
problem? It recorded the same event at boot this morning in the event log
4437. I have automatic download for Microsoft update, and the Explorer 8
came in that way while using the computer--could that have caused damage?

I recently disabled Secondary Logon and Remote Registry entries in
Services--this wouldn't cause this problem would it?

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