Backup - the requested media failed to mount



I posted the problem on another Microsoft newsgroup, and got zero
responses. Perhaps I'll be more fortunate here:

I am having problems figuring out how to use the backup utility. I had
put a brand new SDLT tape in and setup the job, and the backup returned
the following error: The requested media failed to mount.

I had setup the backup job in the following manner:

Inserted a new tape (it was named “2” at this time).

In Computer Management > Storage > Removable Storage > Media, then
right-clicked the tape and marked as “Free”.

In Computer Management > Storage > Removable Storage > Media pools >
Free > DLT, and selected Properties, and labeled the tape as
computername WEEKLY.

Under Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services, made
sure Removable Storage is started and set up for automatic startup.

Then, in the Backup utility…

Started Backup Wizard (Advanced).

Selected Backup everything on this computer.

Selected DLT (for the backup type).

Selected New (computername WEEKLY wasn’t listed, just NEW).

Selected Advanced (didn’t click FINISH).

Selected Normal.

Selected Verify data after backup.

Used hardware compression.

Selected Replace the existing backups (“append was grayed out,
presumably because this new tape is blank? Or because this is a new job?
Not sure why it was grayed out.)

Backup label = “computername WEEKLY”.

Media label = “computername WEEKLY”.

When do you want to run the backup? Selected Later and setup to run at
6:30 p.m. last night.

I gave it the job name of computername WEEKLY FULL, with the start date
of 2/7/2006 at 6:30 p.m.

Setup to run as Administrator and entered the password.

Clicked Finish.

How do I get this to run properly? What did I do wrong?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Actually the best "back up" utility is the file transfer wizard....This is
techs choice.The reason being,it backs up all settings except OS
and if you ever need back up,or the OS fails,a new clean install is
once installed,you run the wizard and this sets user
settings(files,folders,etc) back
to as it was before.Just set the wizard to "old computer" (start it from xp
the data in new folder,once data is thru,move to cd.


Unacceptable. This is a professional environment, and I need to be able to
easily tell if the backup was successful, which tape the backup is on, and have
the ability to restore individual files.

If no one here has a solution to this problem, then I must conclude that
Microsoft's backup utility is as functional, reliable, and user-friendly as the
OS itself.

I'll try xcopy next, and if that doesn't work, I'll have to purchase a product
off the shelf.


Unacceptable. This is a professional environment,

Then get a professional-standard backup application. The built-in backup
app in Windows XP is a crippled version of a commercial app. it's not
meant for mission-critical backups.


I may have to purchase something, as you say. As is so often the case, the
customer is seeking to minimize cash outlays, while optimizing the outcome.
Also known as maximizing the cost-benefit ratio, i.e. profit.

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