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The question is 2 fold if that is ok. Question 2 came out of trying to solve
question 1.
Queestion1 – I am making a multi page document and I have put a background
image in Word2003. When the text flows onto the next page the background
image automatically appears also on the subsequent pages. This is what I want
to happen. When I save it as a PDF though the background image doesn’t save.
I read somewhere to go to “page settings†and tick the print background image
option. When I did this the background image shrunk and duplicated multiple
times and the files size was massive. What am I doing wrong?

Queestion2. What I did then was insert the image I was using as the
background into the word doc so it was placed behind the text, so in theory a
background image. But when the text overflows onto the next page the image
doesn’t automatically appear there. Can I make? Can I set it up as a template
or style so all the pages automatically have the same image attached behind
the text?

Hope this makes sense.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

"Backgrounds" are intended for Web pages. What you want is a "watermark."
Use Format | Background | Printed Watermark to insert your image, and it
will repeat on every page *and* print to PDF.


Hi Suzanne,

Is it possible to add as a watermark but for it not to be faded?



Graham Mayor

A watermark is simply a graphic (or Word Art object which is much the same
thing) inserted into the header of a document. There is a tool provided to
simplify the task, but you don't have to use it - but if you do uncheck the
'washout box' for a picture watermark or choose black instead of grey for a
text watermark.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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