autotext causes Format to change



I am using Word 2003 and I use AutoText a lot. It sometimes happens that one
of my AutoText entries causes changes to my settings. To explain better,
when I am in a document it will suddenly happen that Widow/Orphan Control has
come on, although with the template I am using there should be no
Widow/Orphan Control. If I look back through the doc I can see that at a
certain point where I used a particular AutoText entry, that is where the
change happened. I then have to delete that particular AutoText and "remake"
it. The strange part is that I could have used that AutoText in a previous
part of the doc without it doing that. Another frequent change that it makes
is to Language where it suddenly causes "Do Not Check Spelling or Grammar" to
become ticked in the settings.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

When you insert text from an outside source and then continue typing, what
you type thereafter inherits the properties of the inserted text, which can
include language format and "Widow/orphan control."

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