Automatically Linking New Spreadsheets to Master File



Dear all,

Set-up: I have created a template using Excel to manage projects for our
clients. The template contains a budget forecast, invoices to be generated,
an expense tracking worksheet and a budget reconciliation worksheet. I use
the template for each new project by saving it as a stand-alone document
named for the client and project in question.

Need: I now wish to create a Master Spreadsheet that can track all projects
throughout the year. My goal is to be able to review invoices, budgets,
profits, etc. at a glance through the Master Spreadsheet. I know I can go in
a manually get the information, but I am hoping this can be done in a more
elegant and automated fashion. In essence, whenever I use the template for a
new project, the pre-determined information I enter is also automatically
captured in the Master Spreadsheet.

Many, many thanks,

(e-mail address removed)



Gord Dibben

See one suggestion in other group you multi-posted to.

No need for multi-posting. Won't get you any more responses and may slow things
up when posters see that it has been multi-posted.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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