Adding a row to reconcile to a new worksheet



I have a variety of projects that are all tracked off of a common template.
Each project is an individual worksheet with a front sheet used as a project
tracking or reconcillation sheet. I track the projects with the lables Tab A,
Tab B, etc. I would like to have a row with all the associated formulas,
insert it into the reconcilliation sheet, at the same time insert the
template as a sheet, and when the new Tab Letter is inserted the new project
is corridnated into the Workbook.



Otto Moehrbach

I would recommend that you do it all with VBA. You can have a button in the
front sheet to fire the code. The code would ask for the name of the new
sheet. Then it would copy the template and name the copy. It would also
produce a new row in the front sheet with all the formulas. Does this sound
like what you want? If so, send me a copy of your file. Fake the data if
you wish. I need only the layout. Include several rows of the formulas in
the front sheet along with the associated project sheets. Include the
Template sheet as well. Also include a copy of this message as well as your
original post. My email is (e-mail address removed). Remove the
"extra" from this address. HTH Otto

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