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Graphik Solutions

I have a document that when opened you can only fill in certain fields of a
table (which I already know how to do - "protect document" button). However,
after it is filled out, what I need is to take away the "save" button from
the menu so they can't save over top of the original document.

I have tried saving the document as a template and putting protection on
certain fields on the template. This works but only when the template is
opened. If you double click on the template and open a new file ("document
1"), all of the protected fields become unprotected in the new document from
the template and I want the protected fields to stay protected in the new

Like I said, if I can take away the "save" button on this particular
document where they can only "save as", I think that would fix my problem.

I hope I've explained it properly. I am using MS Word 2007. Help !!!

Graphik Solutions

After wracking my brain, I've figured it out.

You right click on the document icon, choose properties and make it a "read
only" document !! Woo Hoo!!

Jay Freedman

I suppose that using a read-only document as a pseudo-template will
work. But this makes no sense:

I have never seen a template with forms protection that creates
unprotected documents. Something is wrong with either the way you were
using the template, or with the template itself. Since the default
action for double-clicking a template's icon is to create a new
document based on that template, I'd think that maybe the template
wasn't created properly, or was damaged, or maybe you have an add-in
that's doing something wrong.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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