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Mi Tasol

I have set my default language in Wurd to UK English

I have gone to MS Office/MSO tools/MSO Language settings and set the
language that theoretically controls MSOs behavior to English UK (the
language that defines default behavior in Microsoft Office
applications according to MS) - and that included removing US english
as an enabled language.

As far as I can find Microsoft Office 2003 Proofing Tools for US and
Aus language is not enabled

Autodetect Language is turned off everywhere that I see it

Despite this when I go to tools / Language / Set Language it always
shows US English as an option above the bar and regularly defaults to
US English. It always cuts and pastes as US English (and often
changes the font as well) unless I use paste special - unformatted

Now it has added Australian English to the top Set Language Menu and
has decided that even when I am in an old document that was written
and saved in UK English, and where I have been using UK English
Autocorrect for years, that the ONLY autocorrect language it will use
is Australian English.

How can I reset Autocorrect to real English - preferably removing the
Aus English and US English options from Autocorrect and even better
totally remove Australian English from the top bar (and US English
also) so that the only enabled Language is the one set in MSO Language

I will even try a registry change to fix this

Totally frustrated

Mi Tasol

Graham Mayor

Word will adopt the default language set in Windows Regional Settings.
The languages shown above the bar in the Set Language dialog of Word merely
reflect languages you have used. Their relative positions are irrelevant to
the default language.
Set the option in that dialog not to automatically detect the language.
If you paste text with formatting from the web then the formatting that is
applied will remain attached to the pasted text and that includes whatever
language setting is applied. US English is almost universally applied to
English web pages.
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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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