AutoCorrect entries work sporadically ...


Deb RW

I've been using autocorrect entries in Office 2007 very successfully while
grading papers ... until today. Suddenly, about 90% of my autocorrect entries
are not available to use in Comment bubbles or in page headers/footers. They
are all there if I want to insert them in the text of the paper ... but most
of them disappear when I'm in a Comment bubble or header.

What gives??

Thanks in advance ... Debbie



Herb Tyson [MVP]

AutoCorrect should be working in comment bubbles, headers, and footers. The
usual reason for it not working is that the language setting is incorrect.
Look at the status bar and very that the correct language is set. (If you
don't see the language setting on the status bar, then right -click the
status bar and click on Language.)




Like you I have spent many hours grading electronic assignments. Over
the years I have developed shortcuts and comment banks to help me
provide detailed feedback (with links, pictures etc) while also
reducing my marking time. I’ve developed an add-in to Microsoft Word
that allows me to pick comments from a floating toolbar and also
marking rubrics that add and rescale marks. The software allows you to
save your own comments for reuse, share them with others or modify
them for individual students.

You can also see screen images and a screen movie of the eMarking
Assistant addin at:

Peter Evans

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