Auto-rotated pictures (vertical) only accessible under 1 user acco



I have a Canon SD100 digital camera that has the ability to auto-rotate the
pictures into vertical alignment when they are captured. In other words,
there is a sensor in the camera that determines which way the camera was held
and then alters the EXIF information so that it is automatically rotated to a
vertical alignment if need be. I'm using the ZoomBrowserEX software that
came with the camera and it performs the autorotation as it captures.

In ZoomBrowser and in the standard Windows XP Explorer, all the thumbs and
pictures display as expected. However, when I log on to the computer with
another user account, the vertical pictures display as 'red Xs'. If I click
on them, I get an error that they aren't standard JPG images. Even my image
editing program won't read them.

In addition, if I go to another computer on our home workgroup and navigate
to the shared directory where the photos reside, I see the same symptoms.
The only way they are visible is if I logon to the original PC with the
original account name.

Why? What can I do? Are the photos corrupted? Is there a bug in XP
regarding EXIF information? BTW, the horizontal photos appear everywhere
without problems, it is just the auto-rotated images.

John Inzer

Read the info pasted below from the Canon
site and see if you think it addresses the problem:
(The temporary attributes could prevent certain
software from displaying the files)

You can go to the Canon support site to
download updates:

PowerShot SD100 Download Library
(click on: "Drivers / Software"

Temporary Attribute Correction Utility for Windows

This software removes temporary attributes from image files in which they
are embedded.
Temporary attributes are one of file attributes defined for use in Windows
NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP systems.

Some versions of the applications that come bundled with Canon products
(i.e., ZoomBrowser EX, File Viewer Utility, and RemoteCapture) were designed
to attach temporary attributes to image files imported from a camera via
CameraWindow or via a card reader. From now on, these applications will not
attach these attributes to these files. This software is being released to
remove temporary attributes from image files in which temporary attributes
were embedded with previous versions of these applications.

The following applications are known to attach temporary attributes to image
ZoomBrowser EX, versions 4.1.0/4.1.1/4.1.2/4.5.0 *1
CameraWindow 4.5.1 in ZoomBrowser EX 4.5.1 *1
File Viewer Utility, versions 1.2.0/1.2.1/1.2.2/1.3.0/1.3.1
RemoteCapture, versions 2.7.0/2.7.1/2.7.2/2.7.3/2.7.4
*1: When images are imported via CameraWindow, temporary attributes are
added to the image files.



Thank you so much. I think this must be the cause. I'll see if the
temporary attribute is set on those files and run the utility tonight.
Hopefully that will clear things up. Apparently the latest version of Zoom
BrowserEX doesn't set the temporary attribute any more so once I correct the
old ones, I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing from now on. I'll post an
update tomorrow with my results.


I guess my last response got lost in the ether... sorry about that.

I ran the temporary attribute utility and it found *no* files set with that
attribute, so that's not the cause. I'm now wondering if it has something to
do with how the shared folder and permissions are set up on the computer. I
don't understand why some files in the folder allow
reading/writing/updating/deleting, but others appear but give an 'access
denied' error to anyone other than the user under which they were saved.

Let me give you some more information about the environment in case that
gives you or anyone else a clue. We have a home workgroup with 5 computers
(Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Zelda and Link). We use Yoshi as our main computer
with a 'shared' directory, the printer, the Canon photo software, etc.

Yoshi (like most of the other computers) was set-up as follows:
1) Loaded Windows XP Professional (at one time planned to have a domain but
went with a workgroup since a couple computers came with XP Home)
2) Gave a password to the original 'Administrator' account.
3) Afterwards created 5 users (let's call them Dad, Mom, Kid1, Kid2, Kid3)
4) Dad was an administrator user, the rest were standard.
5) Loaded software (Office, Canon, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)
6) Created a 'Shared' directory accessible to users of the computer and the
7) After about a month, granted administrator user rights to 'Mom' so that
she too could load software.

I think the original version of Zoom BrowserEX was 4.x, but is now 5.0.
Even photos loaded today under 5.0 give the problem.

I've always used the 'Dad' account to download pictures into the Shared
directory. These have been visible to other users of the computer and other
machines. Horizontal photos can be viewed/edited everywhere on the network,
but vertical photos give an 'access denied' error when trying to do anything
(including copying). It's like the file name is visible, but the contents
cannot be read.

Here's one thing that may be a clue:
Dad can see the documents for everyone (plus Shared)
Mom can see the documents of everyone but Dad (plus Shared)
Kid1-3 can see only their documents (plus Shared)

I would have thought that Mom could see Dad's documents, so that may be a
clue (or a red herring).

Anyway, I'm stumped so I would appreciate anyone's input or ideas...


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