Auto responder replying to wrong emails (Rules - Replying using specific temp)



My outlook 2007 is currently sending auto responses to the wrong emai

Ignore the spaces in between the email seems to ge
filtered from the post. This is what's currently going on..

- On the inbox, it has my emails with the name (John) next to thei
email subject.

- When I open up johns email, it says its from 'WebsiteNameHere on behalf of John [johnsemail @]
Copying the "from:" and pasting it into notepad would give me thi
output - WebsiteNameHere @; on behalf of; John [johnsemai

- When I click Reply, the "To:" email would bet sent to - Joh
<johnsemail @

- When I click Reply to All, the "To:" email would be sent sent to
John <johnsemail @>; [email protected]

- When I set up an autoresponder (Rules - reply using a specifi
template), it replies to - WebsiteNameHere @ and NOT Joh
<johnsemail @>

How would I set the autoresponder to only reply to John <johnsemail> and NOT WebsiteNameHere @




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