Audit Printing on shared Local Printer, W2KPro, No ActDir



I've got a local printer on my Windows 2K Pro computer
with a local printer that I share for students in my class
to print off. Unfortunately, every computer in the school
can also print off it, if they find it in my Workgroup,
and some kids are thinking its funny to print me
messages. I want to be able to find out what the network
name of the sending computer is. Students do not have
individualized logins, so the user name doesn't help.

I've sent the printer security to audit any access by the
Everyone group, and I've turned on the Local security
policy to audit priveledged use. No I can see when
someone prints but it only tells me the logon name of:
Anonymous Login. I've tested this with the computers in
my classroom.

I don't have Active Directory in this school and I don't
have W2K server. Is there a way to do this? thanks.




Why don't you just use permissions to limit the access
to the printer???

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