Printer auditing



I have setup a printer that only a particular user group can print to and
I'd like to report on who is printing what.
Under the printer properties > security > advanced tab I have added the
users under the auditing tab and am auditing print success and failure and
by default read.

I have then gone into active directory > users and computers > domain group
policy > computer config > windows settings > security settings >local
policies > audit policy
and set audit object access to success and failure.

My questions here are:
1) Is this the correct way to set this up?
2) I am logging all object access and failures - is this likely to
quickly fill the log up? I have lots of system accesses lgged to items such
as exchange
3) I have tested with a user and am getting 562 Object access (spooler)
and 560 object access (spooler and correct printer) events however these are
happening even if the user has not printed - for example when they were
changing a layout of a print job.
I want to be able to provide a report on quantities a user has printed so
we can charge for it but the data does not appear correct.
Many thanks for any pointers


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