Audio/Music problem



Hi everyone

I'm having problems with imported audio tracks (mp3). Once I dragged it on
the timeline it won't play - BUT: If I click on the second clip (while the
mp3 is running) it actually works. Dito for the following clips.

I read here that MM doesn't like mp3. Well, why am I able to play it from
the second clip that's affected then?

Any ideas?
Thanx a lot!


I don't know the answer to that questoin but maybe you can help me with mine
(I'm sorry). I'm doing a project for school-university-and I can't seem to
get my microphone to work. When i want to record a narration, the program
does everything I want it to but as far as capturing wht I'm saying it just
goes fuzzy when I hit play after I have thought I have recorded what I want
to say. Ugh! Frustrating! any advice?

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