Audio/music track doesn't play or save



I've created a video from photos and have added the video transistions and a
MP3 music file. I can see the video clip, the transistions and the MP3 on the
timeline. However, when I try to play the video back, I get no music from the
MP3 file. When I try to save the movie, I can only save the video, not the
audio (MP3 track) too. If I move the slider slightly to the right on the
playback screen, the audio track will play at the appropriate point in th
timeline. It just seems that the audio track doesn't want to play when the
video starts. It seems that the software is ignoring my "Audio/Music" track.
I have set the audio levels to full "Audio/Music". Help!


This doesn't happen often but it does happen.
Convert the MP3 to WAV and then put that in your project and I bet it will
work just fine.

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