attachments jumping in emails



Our office has outlook 2007 and we have encountered a problem. When I send
an email with attachments it will copy one attachment and then shift all
other attachments down. This is happening to several computers at my office.
We have had our computers re-imaged and it still is doing this. We have run
out of ideas of what could be causing this. Any advise would be helpful

Computer Info: Dell Optiplex 745, 1.99 GB of Ram, Pentium (R)D CPU 3.40 GHz,
Microsoft Win XP, Professional Version 2002, Service pack 3

Roady [MVP]

it will copy one attachment and then shift all
other attachments down.
What do you mean by that? Make sure you have selected Plain Text or HTML as
your message format instead of Rich Text.


First we have ours set for RTF, and are not using the new 07 format but still
the 03… .doc, .xls etc.

For example in the body of the email, we write sentences and then insert an
excel spreadsheet. Write some more sentences and insert a PDF. Then more
sentences and insert a Word doc. Outlook will randomly make a copy of the
first insert and put it in place of the second insert and move those inserts
down. In other words the second inserted object is replaced with the a copy
of the first and the second is moved to the position of the third inserted
object and that the third is moved on down. I wish I could post a copy of
what it is doing

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