Asus X53E Notebook Setup



Hi guys,

I just got an Asus X53E -SX-1622V notebook (mother board K53E) with
Windows 7 home premium edition and I tried to install a number of anti-
virus and malware on it.

After installing the following freewares from this site: (wouldn’t download and i don’t know why.)
(I wasn’t able to download this successfully and don’t know why.)

I immediately ran into trouble when I tried to do a “full” scan using
the malwarebytes that I just installed.

The malwarebytes causes the Windows 7 to crash and switch it into a
“safe” mode.

Frustrated, I tried to “restore” everything to its original factory
settings by “restoring” the backup discs I created under windows 7
control panel/create a system image/backup, and guess what?

Windows wouldn’t restore it because it couldn’t find the backup files
I just imaged. I can’t believe this!

My notebooks comes with a Windows Defender, and for all its worth,
some people are saying this is good enough.

Could anyone step me through the steps of setting up a notebook

When doing a backup, am I supposed to use the Asus AI Recovery Burner
utility to backup my whole system?



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