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Luis Esteban Valencia

i've been looking around for a time tracking and billing solution but
haven't been able to find anything that will fit my needs. maybe you know of
a good one.

web based (so i can use this with multiple computers)
create / update projects
create / update tasks within the project(s)
specify a date
enter start and stop time (the actual hours will be calculated in the
nearest 15 minute increment)
enter amount paid
create reports that will reflect the current ballance due (for instance, if
i worked a total of 35 hours but billed out for 20 hours already and
received payement, i need the report to show the last 15 hours of billable
database sql server (that way i can monkey with the data if i need to)
free, or minimal cost (< $50) with a trial

i just don't have time to write this right now, otherwise i would.


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