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The phrase "time is fleeting" had never had more relevance than it does in
the 21st century as today's executives and project managers confront
overwhelming demands on their time. Time has become as critical as money.
Many companies, however, are not yet accustomed to allocating and investing
it with the same level of care as they would with more traditional assets.

Most business executives and project leaders understand that time must be
managed, accounted for, and invested in ways that maximize return, but this
is open easier said than done. Companies seldom possess the right processes
and infrastructure to make the most of time resources. They often confuse
the cone business process of time resource allocation with simple timesheets
or time management calendars. This is u dangerous as confusing a simple
check register with a company's capital investment strategy.

The companies that skillfully manage their portfolios of internal and
external projects-ensuring that all projects help the company make
money-will be the companies that survive and succeed in both good times and
bad. The hard truth is that no company can afford to mismanage its project
portfolio. Whether that portfolio contains two or 200 projects, the goat
remains the same: profit.

Billability, more typically ter ned 'utilization rate,' is the percentage of
time in a given period during which an employee or set of employees are
working in a revenue-producing capacity. A timesheet system can be
configured to track whether work is considered billable to the customer or

Most organizations are trying to keep utilization above 70% or so. The
higher the better until you've reached point where administrative tasks that
are necessary to business (such as tracltmg time) are not getting

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Time and Attendance Management

It is the monitoring of employee work hours for the entire organization and
the calculation of various important figures (such as accrued benefits) that
are derived from employee work hours.

If you really want to put your company and your employees on the right
track, we recommend you this powerful tool which helps you properly
optimizing your task and time.

Log your time offers an online web based employee tracking software,
employee performance tracking software which plays a very important role in
keeping track of your employees.

Log your time offers an online web based employee tracking software,
employee performance tracking software which plays a very important role in
keeping track of your employees.

Time and attendance tracking software is a package consisting of written
programs or procedures for tracking employee attendance and time management.
This software is mainly used to automate a labor-intensive activity in
organizations. This helps in reducing payroll preparation time and employee
tracking time. Many companies are now adopting time and attendance tracking
software because of its flexibility, easy deployment and enhanced
centralized support.

Employees and their supervisors often need to know information about the
employee's time off, including how many vacation days they have left, how
many sick days they've used, and if they have personal days remaining. This
attendance tracking template provides a place for you to record attendance
and also summarizes critical information for a scannable year-to-date status

Unfortunately businesses cannot rely on an "Honor system" style of keeping
track of employee time by using a pen and a sheet of paper. You are at risk
of being cheated out of thousands of dollars in lost time and money if you
do not keep accurate track of employee time. Time and attendance systems are
a wise investment that can save significant time and money. Time and
attendance systems are used by a variety of people, businesses, and
organizations to keep track of employee time. They provide a record of an
exact amount of hours worked by employees and help assist with payroll. They
also create a legal document that cannot be disputed.

Time tracking software allows employees to enter their time into the
program, where it can be approved or rejected by supervisors or project
managers. It makes the process of tracking an employee's time faster and
easier. In addition, it makes it easier to schedule other projects.

With thousands and thousands of employees working in many companies around
the world, the need of an efficient organizational system or programs are
getting more and more vital. Therefore, there are many companies
implementing time management solutions in order to improve productivity and

Timesheet application 300$ for unlimited users
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