Are VS2003 and VS2005 happy neighbors?




I have a VS2003 project. I'd like to install VS2005 and create a new
project that links with some of the source files from the VS2003 project.
I'd like to continue building the VS2003 project with VS2003 and obviously
build the new VS2005 project with VS2005. I'll make sure that I don't make
changes to the source that breaks either build, so excluding that:

Will VS2003 and VS2005 live happily side-by-side? Will the VS2005 install
break anything on the VS2003 side (e.g. device debugging)? What about the
emulator? Will the VS2003 and VS2005 be running different emulators (I
assume yes) or will VS2003 suddenly start using the VS2005? is this

Basically if I can install VS2005 in its own directory and it doesn't 'mess'
with anything I'm doing right now with VS2003, that would be perfect.

I am primarily interested in Pocket PC/Smartphone development. Can I select
which CF I'm targetting etc? I guess I'll just bite the bullet in a little
while and do damage control if I need to, but your feedback will really
help. I did find:

But it wasn't that useful.






Hello Hilton

I run both versions on my workstations just fine and still use both of
them on a daily basis.

The emulators in VS 2005 are completely new and not related to the VS
2003 emulators at all so there is no conflict.

VS 2005 will install by default to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio 8" so there is no path conflict with VS 2003's default path of
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003"

Only VS 2005 will let you select which CF you are targetting. VS 2003
only supports CF 1.

Make sure you also install the Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and
Smartphone SDKs to get the emulators for the new OS after you install
VS 2005. And run Windows Update a few times after the installers are
all done to make sure you get all the security patches for .NET
Framework 2.





EXCELLENT - thanks for the quick and complete response. I really appreciate


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