Archive Folder items going into "Deleted Items"



My organization uses Auto-archive to archive items older than 3 months
to a networked .pst file. This has helped keep our Exchange server
database size within workable limits.

Lately, I've gotten complaints from some users that all the messages
in their archive folders are going into the "Deleted Items" folder in
the archive. The original folders are still there, but all the
messages they contain are now in "Deleted Items", and it's hard to
find a specific message.

The archive folders range in size from .34 GB to 3.0 GB. Typically,
they'll contain thousands of items.

I've been able to restore the original archives from backups, but I
don't want to keep doing this.

Anyone else run into this?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

archiving to a network pst is asking for trouble. do they have folders in
the pst configured to delete as the messages age?

FWIW, because messages in the exchange db take up much less space, are
easier to restore and allow the users access though OWA, it's better to keep
them in the exchange db. In the end it should be less work for the admins.

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