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Mar 30, 2013
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I am having some issues opening older archived emails in Outlook 2010 and was hoping for some assistance. Im not very computer literate so will explain as best as I can.

In work any emails located within out inbox/sent items automatically archive after 30 days. They do not go into an archived folder (well at least do not appear to as I am still able to open them from inbox/sent items) though. The difference between these files and one which isn't 'archived' is that I cant read the full text within the email or open attachments until I double click it. It then appears to download the email and fully opens.

I have create a number of .pst files in work for various projects Ive been working on and within these a number of them have the archived emails mentioned above. Again, I have no problem opening these emails as I just double click and the email opens.

Unfortunately when I am trying to open the 'archive' emails through the same .pst files at home it doesn't open. Only a few hundred characters of text appear and even when double clicking this does not make a difference and I cant read the rest of the email or open up any attatchments.

I have been googling this for the last day with no luck. Google mentions archive.pst files and I was thinking that maybe this is the issue. Is there a separate archive.pst file that will be on my computer at work (which I haven't copied and brought home) that contains the data from these emails even if I move them between .pst files. If this was the case am I correct in saying I would just need to find and copy the archive.pst file and paste on my home laptop and my emails would open?

The only thing that makes me think this isn't the case is a number of people in work have had the same issues on their work PCs. After a phone call to IT and IT logging onto their machines and changing a few settings they are able to open the emails. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change to open these archived emails?

Sorry for going on and I hope this makes sense to someone. Thanks in advance for any help.


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