Disappearing .pst file?



I was experimenting with archiving in Outlook 2003.
1. I configured archiving using the default values, ran an immediate
AutoArchive by going to Tools > Mailbox Cleanup > AutoArchive.
2. Verified creation of archive.pst in C:\documents and
settings\myusername\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook.
3. Checked Archive folder contents in outlook, renamed it to a a date range
by right clicking folder in outlook and clicking on Advanced and changing the
name field.
4. Changed AutoArchive configuration to point to same location as step 2,
only named file archive2.pst.
5. Changed Inbox Properties from Do not archive items to Archive items using
the default settings. Ran immediate archive as in step 1.
6. Checked the new Archive folder contents in outlook, verified inbox items
were archived, also renamed the outlook folder a date range, specifying inbox.
7. Could see both renamed archive folders in folder list. Closed them both
out. Closed outlook, looked in default file location, could only see
archive.pst, not archive2.pst. Opened outlook back up, opened both archive
files back up by using File > Open > Outlook Data File. again verified
information in both archives. Closed them out again and closed outlook.
8. Moved Archive.pst to a network drive. Opened outlook back up and
performed File > Open > Outlook Data File on the archive.pst on the network,
that was ok, but now archive2.pst has disappeared, Outlook could not longer
see it. And there is still no archive2.pst in the default file location on
my C: drive.

Why could Outlook "see" archive2.pst when browsing for it, but it didn't
really exist in the default file location?


A couple of points, MS does not support the use of a pst over a network as
it can lead to data corruption

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