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I have a W2K3 domain with a single server and XP workstations. I am having a
problem with various workstations hanging when trying to log in. When
logging in it goes through the "Loading your personal settings" and the
proceeds to "Applying your personal settings" and just hangs. You can do
nothing but power off the PC and restart. Sometimes after powering down and
restarting it will log on successfully, other times it still hangs. It seem
to happen on various workstations through out the school. All of the
Workstations are new DELL GC520 with XP SP2.
This same issue is happening at several of our school campuses, each with
their independent domain.
Any ideas what might be causing the problem or where to look. I have tried
about everything that I can think of. I have removed and re-registered the
workstation on the domain, completely re-imaged the workstation.
Any help will be appreciated.


Are you using group Policy ?
A rogue group policy setting can cause these kinds of problems. At a logged
in computer type the following:

GPRESULT > c:\gpresult.txt

Then open the file c:\gpresult.txt in notepad and take a look to see what is
being applied.

Otherwise check the windows eventlogs (type EVENTVWR in the run box and hit

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