Application requires a newer version of MS CF



So I developed this Compact Framework app using VS 2003, and an iPaq HX 4700
running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Version 4.21.1008 Build 14132.
The application works great and the CAB files deploy to other devices with
the same specs and run with no problems.

While I was developing the app, the hospital acquired new devices, the iPaq
HX 2750 running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Version 4.21.1088 Build
15045.2.6.0. I deployed my application to one of these machines and when I
tried to run it I got the error "This application (PreProcEval.exe) requires
a newer version of the Microsoft Compact Framework than the version installed
on this device." When I clicked the details button I got the error
"TypeLoadException Could not load the type
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeConnection from assembley
System.Data.SqlServerCe, Version 1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral,

I tried manually installing the .NET Compact Framework
( and Sql Server Ce (sql.ppc3.arm.CAB) that came with
VS 2003 but this did not alter the error messages cited above. Please help,
my application is through with testing, the back end has been deployed in the
production environment and my app is to be released to users this week!




Ilya Tumanov [MS]

That means you don't have SQL CE installed.

Probably because you're using incorrect CAB files and installing SQL Client
instead of SQL CE

PPC 2003/2003 SE files are listed below: << NETCF itself, make sure you have SP3 installed.
sql.wce4.armv4.CAB << SQL Client, allows for direct connection to SQL Server
2000 << Query analyzer for SQL CE 2.0
sqlce.wce4.armv4.CAB << SQL CE 2.0

Please make sure you can see SQL Server CE in "Remove programs" applet on
this device.

Best regards,


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