Application requires a newer version than CF 2.0 - Now what?




I created the program in VS 2005 Beta 1. It runs on my device with CF 2.0
installed. The specific build of CF 2.0 installed to my device was loaded
there BY VS 2005.

When I deploy the cab to another device and download CF 2.0 from the
Microsoft website and install that CF 2.0 to the device I get the following

This application requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET Compact
Framework then the version installed on the device.

How could CF 2.0 from VS2005 be newer than CF 2.0 from the website?

What do I try now?

I am sorry to be such a pest but this whole exercise was designed to be
ready for the release of VS2005.

James Lysaght



Daniel Moth

You could check the CF 2.0 build version numbers (run cfgacutil.exe from the
windows folder).
NETCF 2.0 Beta 2 is: 5056



OK, I did that...
ON the machine the program works on it is:
Microsoft (R) net

Compact Frame work

2.0.4135.0, 1.0.4292.0

On the machine giving the error it is:
Microsoft (R) net

Compact Frame work

2.0.5056.0, 1.0.2268.0

Isn't 5056 newer than 4135? Isn't 5056 the newest? So why does 5056 claim
that application was developed on a newer version? When I install 5056 to
my device I get the same error but what is worse is that my VS 2005 then
doesn't work and has to be reinstalled. It even warns you of this part on
the download page for 5056.

I sure appreciate all the help on this because this part is very difficult
for me to understand.

James Lysaght



Ilya Tumanov [MS]

I suspect you see this message because your application uses something which
was removed in Beta2.

Remember, it's pre release software, there's no guarantee of compatibility
between pre release versions.

You should update your VS to Beta 2 and recompiling your app.

Also, there's no go live license for Beta 1, so you can deploy applications
based on Beta 1.

Best regards,


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