Deploying CF 2.0 files on WCE 5.0 device

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Igor Kondrasovas

Hello All,

We are working in an application that will run on a WCE 5.0 device. This
will be a CF 2.0 based application and we cannot change the operating system
image on the device.

One particular issue on this device is that when it starts up (reset), it
gets all operating system files in a specific folder on a removable media (a
compact flash) and creates in RAM all necessary WCE system.

So every time i run my application after a device reset, I must install the
Compact Framework before.

How can I include CF files on the compact flash, so they are automatically
copied to RAM and be preapred to run my application.

Today, as far as I know, CF is provided as .CAB installation file. Is there
any place I can get all files from the .CAB to avoid the installation process?

Kindly Regards,



Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

The files themselves are not an executable copy of the Compact Framework.
They have to be installed. When you build the .NET CF into the device OS,
that puts the right entries into the registry and puts the framework files in
the right location. Given what you have, it sounds like the best you can do
is have the CAB file installed automatically as part of the copy process. If
you can have the copy program open the CAB file, that would do it. If you
can have it run a program, you could write a native code application to
launch wceload.exe with the .NET CF CAB file as the parameter. There's no
way to make a simple copy of some files equal the installation of .NET CF.

Paul T.

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