AOL closing itself at website search



I posted this note earlier today, But it can not be found by using any
relevant keywords or using my own email address and finding all
messages I've written. (I find all other ones I've written, but the
one below seems to be in limbo.)

I can only find it by manually scrolling down, which will make things
hard in a day or so.

I am submitting it again to hopefully make it easier to find again.

I wasn't quite sure where to post this...

This problem just started over the weekend, that I noticed.
(Nothing new added or changed on my system.)

I have XP SP1 and both AOL 7 and AOL 9 Optimized using cable broadband.

I use the Yahoo! Shopping site a lot
(, but now any time I attempt any search
there through either AOL 9 or 7 the AOL browser window becomes
nonresponsive and results in AOL suddenly closing itself if I try and
close that window. (AOL 9 restarts automatically.) I can browse there

as long as I do not use the Search at all.

This does not happen on my older Win98 AOL7 system.

It's also fine through IE directly.

Only this one site seems to cause this.

I saw this error listed in the Details area when AOL was restarting


Error C0000005 in module mshtml.dll at 04D17D5C

Stack Trace:

0 : mshtml.dll 0001:00056d5c
1 : OLE32.DLL 0003:00000040

I've been looking up a few things based on the above, but didn't want
to go nuts since IE is working fine.

I spent hours with AOL tech support, which made the problem worse by
getting it so I could not longer even sign on...which I fixed myself.

I posted on an AOL forum and another AOL member said the same thing
also happened to them, but another said it worked fine.

I was hoping to get a few other people to try it through the AOL
browser and see and then report back here with their findings and what
windows, AOL versions and means of connecting they used.

I cleared the cache, did an AOL Auto Fix, and also did a AOL Quick
Restore from the AOL System Information joy. Did a System

Restore as well, but I could not longer sign on to AOL afterwards. (I
think it had to do with all the other stuff I tried first), so I undid

I re-registered mshtml.dll using Start -> Run-> regsvr32 shtml.dll
It said succeesful, but made no difference in this problem.

I downloaded KB816506 (Internet Explorer or Outlook Express Quits
Unexpectedly with an Error in Mshtml.dll) but since IE itself can
search the site I didn't run it yet.

Ran NAV, AdAware and CWShredder in safe mode...all OK.

Search for anything there. See if you can get results and scroll
through them successfully. I'd appreciate if people could test this
site for me and post their findings and windows/aol version and means
of connection?

Thanks a lot-




I have posted two messages to this newsgroup today, (sorry), and
neither show up through Google Groups beta when using my own email as
the author to find only my own messages.

I tried a link to the old Google Groups format, which does show my
earlier post when I do an author search.

I'm not sure if this is a Google glitch or not. All my previous posts
show up like normal, just not todays.

What could I try??

How else can one get to these newsgroups to read/post easily?
(AOL's newsgroup thing stinks.)

Thank you-
Hi Vickie,

XP has a System restore, I would try to restore to a date
before the weekend, and see if that will help. It is just an Idea.

I am not an AOL user, according of what
I read in different Newsgroups, is that AOL can give some

Good Luck [email protected]

Jan Il

Hi Vickie :)

If you have Outlook Express:, this will be much easier:

If you wish to use Outlook Express, here is how to set it up.


Read here how to setup Outlook Express as your default newsreader


Create New Identity:

Your identity may be damaged. Try creating a new identity, add your
account(s) to it and if all works well, you can import your messages
from the problem identity, then delete it at some later date.
when all seems well, use file>import to get your mail from the old ID into
the new ID before deleting the old.


How to set up an MS newsgroup

In OE go to Tools>Accounts>Add (or New)>News.
Set up an account for this news server:

Scroll down the list to the groups you want to subscribe to and then click
Subscribe. When done, click OK

The server is free and does not require you to logon. This news server
carries over 2200 newsgroups related to Microsoft products and keeps
messages at least 30 days.

Hope this helps :)

Jan :)
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that's why they're so contagious.

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Robert Aldwinckle

Vickie said:
I have posted two messages to this newsgroup today, (sorry), and
neither show up through Google Groups beta when using my own email as
the author to find only my own messages.

They're all there now? On both forums:*.ie6.browser&start=0&scoring=d&

(Google Groups search for
author:vickie group:microsoft.*.ie6.browser

(IE portal to MS web interface to newsgroups search for

BTW I have replied to your first subject.


Robert Aldwinckle


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