another localhost question - really weird



ok...SOME of you may remember I had a really bad time with localhost problem
and the fpse a while back - welllll - new computer - fixed the problem...but
have an interesting thing that happened to me now and would like to get

The new computer and setup is slightly different than the old format of
fp2003 on the old computer.

When I open fp2003 and click file/open site and then click on network
places - it shows the following:

My Network Places

Entire Network
charlottemo on localhost
elkhorn on localhost
ect on localhost
ect on locahost
locahost <<<<<<<
My Webs Sites on MSN
www.allwebsites I've opend live

now...what's interesting is that if I click on >> localhost<<< there are the
EXACT same websites except they are not listed as websitename on

why would there be all these various websites <on localhost> listed under
the My Network Places and then listed again under the folder called
localhost? Am I doing it wrong? or how did that happen... can I delete the
website under My Network Places and then just have the following show up
(and then click on Localhost to access my websites?) or will that also
delete the website in the folder Localhost?

Entire Network
My Websites on MSN
live websites I've opened

ok...any of that make sense? LOL




Thomas A. Rowe

Because Localhost is your root web and charlottemo, elkhorn and ect are all subwebs under localhost.

You can delete the subwebs under Network Places, however then you must never directly open
http://localhost/charlottemo etc. in FP, only http://localhost.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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