ANN: FREE Hi-Q Recorder Version 1.9 NEW!


The Dead Man

Quoted from the site:

FREE Hi-Q Recorder Version 1.9 NEW!

FREE Hi-Q Recorder is free sound recording software to record
streaming audio, Internet radio, webcasts, music, meetings, classes,
seminars, convert LP's, records, tapes and a lot more. It's an MP3
sound recorder to record anything you can hear!

For Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP

FREE Hi-Q Recorder is 100% free software that has no limitations on
recording time.

FREE Hi-Q Recorder is so easy to use, all you have to do to is click
Record to get started!

It's the easiest way to record absolutely any sound in real-time!
Record directly to MP3. Set your MP3 quality by selecting your MP3
Bitrate and stereo or mono. The MP3 quality is excellent at all
settings! Record streaming Internet audio or video broadcasts or
webcasts of any kind, whether it's news, sports, music, talk radio or
any other format, (records audio only). Record audio or video sounds
from Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, Winamp, QuickTime or any
other media player, games, Midi, Software Synthesizer, etc. Convert,
(record), LP's, any records, tapes, CD's, radio, DAT, Mini-Disc, video
tape sounds, T.V. sounds, video games, telephone, microphone or from
any other external device. Record satellite radio, XM or Sirius. You
can also use it as a universal audio or video sound file converter.

There is a recording timer or you can select unlimited. It also has a
versatile audio player that can play many types of audio and video
files (plays audio only). FREE Hi-Q Recorder is easy enough for anyone
to use. Automatic file naming is just one of many features that make
it so easy to use!

Record and save music that is ready to transfer to your Apple iPod,
Rio, iRiver, Sony or any other portable MP3 music player!

You can even create your own iPod iTunes podcast audio content. You'll
be podcasting in no time! (What is podcasting?)

--- The Dead Man


FREE Hi-Q Recorder Version 1.9 NEW!

My thoughts:

-Easy to use and stable.
-Actually is able to record sounds from your computer, unlike almost
all other freeware that have been mentioned here.

-Program should more accurately be called HiQ Recorder 2 lite.
-Functions disabled include: variable bitrate encoding, encoding
higher than 96k, timer function, sound activated recording, auto
split, and open recorder on Windows startup.
-Recorded sound is crappy, despite the press release. Note that this
application was tested using both an internet audio stream and an mp3
file on my computer and the results were equally bad. Maybe it
depends on your sound card or some other factor, but to me the results
were not acceptable.

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