Animate A Data Series in Graph



I have a graph that I've created in Excel and copied into Powerpoint. It's a
very busy graph with six data-sets, each plotted to form a line. I would
like to be able to focus on one data-set (one line) at a time without having
to make a separate slide for each set of data. I envision being able to
bring up the slide and click to have the first data-set appear - discuss it
and click again, at which point data-set #1 dissappears and data-set #2
appears...all the way through the sixth data-set.

I know how to animate objects and text boxes, so I don't think I need basic
animation know-how. What I do need to know is how to apply animation to a
single data-set. When I select a data-set with the mouse, the menu for
adding effects is not visible. Can this be done? Thanks.....




The best thing to do would be to ungroup the graph, which turns it into a
set of shapes which can be animated individually. You will have to regroup
the items you want animated. A lot of work of course but alot of
Beware that there's no longer any connection to the original data so
duplicate the graph and drag it off the slide so it doesn't appear in the
slide show. Whenever you need to edit the graph it will be waiting there for



Echo S

Yes, this can be done in the custom animation settings.

How depends on which version of PPT.

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