Reorder animation of data in graph


Rrrock L

I have a 5 series combo graph... 3 are bar s, 2 are lines. Currently, my bars
animate first (with wipe up, by series) and then my lines appear. Great
effect when comparing current performance (bars) to targets (lines).

My boss would like the lines appear first and then the bars... I'm stuck on
how to get this done.



Echo S

Unfortunately the graph animations (by series, category, etc.) don't let you
re-order the animations (as I'm sure you know -- and which is why you're

Only way I know to do it is to ungroup the chart and animate the pieces you
need, in the order you need.

To ungroup a chart in 2007, you would Ctrl+X to cut it, then Home | Paste |
Paste Special (or Ctrl+Alt+V) and paste as EMF. Then ungroup the EMF twice.

I'd do this on a copy of the chart or a copy of the slide with the chart so
that you can get back to the chart itself if necessary.


Aug 21, 2015
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Select chart area and animate it. Right click in the custom animation window on the "content placeholder" and select "effect options", in the "effect options" select "chart animation" and change "group chart" to appear "by series". Depending on the amount of series that you have in the chart, you will have to animate the chart again. Every animated "group" can be moved up in the order of first moving up the "background" and then deleting the series not needed to appear, so basically you are animating charts on top of each others and deleting series according to the order that you need them to be shown. Always delete the background after it appears in the beginning of the animation as this will cause repeats. Hopefully this helps! I had 4 series in my chart, 2 lines and two columns.

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