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My boss wants me to make a graph in PowerPoint. He wants the top five issues
to come up one at a time (the least important, then fourth least...etc.) I
tried using the Help function in PPT, but when I went through the steps the
Chart Animation tab in the Effects Options only had one option for group "as
one object". Is it possible to have animations on different lines in the
graph. I tried using the chart function in PPT as well as inserting a graph
from Excel with the same result. I can only animate the whole graph like a





Tushar Mehta

I believe it depends on the kind of animation you are using and the
kind of chart. For example, with the default chart that PP inserts, if
one uses 'Appear' as the entrance animation, individual objects can be
animated. But, if one chooses 'Crawl in' the only choice is 'As one


Tushar Mehta
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