AMD Motherboard

Feb 26, 2003
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Some boards may be stronger in some areas, but I think this is currently the best 'all-rounder' for AMD chips and certainly the best nForce2 board out there at the moment. It offers:

333Mhz FSB

Dual Channel DDR400 (PC3200) support to get the most out of your RAM.

Dual LAN - so you can access broadband with one LAN port and share the Internet connection on a network via the other - very handy if you have more than one PC.

6 USB 2.0 ports

Serial ATA (up to 150MB/s data rate (faster than current parallel ATA)

AGP Pro/8x

Onboard 'Soundstorm' Dolby Digital Audio - very good quality and can quite adequately replace the need for even a high-end card like the Audigy2 unless you really are into music/sound mixing and editing.

ASUS CPU overheating Protection (ASUS C.O.P.) - this used to be one of the key advantages of the Pentium over the Athlon chips - basically a Athlon would blow up if it got too hot whilst the Pents would safely cut off. C.O.P. removes this problem.

Note: make sure you check that you get a 'Revision 2' of this chipset, and latest BIOS (at time of writing) is 1005, easily flashable now from a simple download or a floppy during boot-up.




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