amd k6 processor



I have an old gateway 400 computer. It is beginning to run slow, often
freezes, and I get booted alot. A friend told me that there are some patches
to my amd k6(tm) 3D processor that have been added since I got this computer
and I need to go online to update my processor. However, I have searched and
searched and I cannot find the updates. Can anyone help me with this?


There is no such thing as patches for your processor, it either works or it

I think you may be referring to your BIOS there could be patches available
for that, however this is a XP general questions group and your question
would be better answered in the hardware group.

Airman Thunderbird

He may be referring to patch needed to run K6IIIs with 95, (reaching way
back, now).

Pete Stavrakoglou

Some of the symptoms you mentioned point to some type of hardware problem -
overheating perhaps. There is no patch that I'm aware of for a K6 to run on
XP properly. The first XP system I set up was using a 400 mhz K6 with an
Epox motherboard, but that was years and years ago. It worked fine with no
need for a patch of any type. It might be time for some new hardware.

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