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Hello all,

In the "Introduction to Powerpoint 2007" sample presentation, the text
on the title slide is displayed in uppercase, but when I MsgBox the
contents of the text box, it's not actually in uppercase (the alert
window displays "Introduction to Powerpoint 2007")

What kind of formatting is this, and where can I access it? Using the
"Change case" options in the Paragraph formatting toolbar seems to
affect the text directly (i.e. when I MsgBox the contents, the changes
I applied are displayed in the alert window as well).

Thanks very much.

Kathy Jacobs

Is it real upper case, or is it small caps? In other words, are all of the
capital letters the same size or are some smaller than others? The change in
size from letter to letter may not be much depending on the font used.

If it is small caps, you can turn that on and off from Format Font (either
on right click menu or from the dot at the lower right of the Font group).

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Ah, solved. I didn't notice the dot on the Font toolbar, but there's
also an "All Caps" checkbox there-- I feel a little silly :blush:

Now, I just need to find the corresponding VBA property...

Thanks very much!

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