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This may have been covered in another conversation but I couldn't seem to
find it. We have a user that received a new PC with Office 2003 on it. By
mistake the 'Always Create Backup Copy' was left checked in Word when it was
put on her desk.

I was always under the impression that this was a global Word setting versus
a document level setting.

I turned the option off under Tools > Options > Save on her computer, but
the backup copies seem to keep being made.

Today she send me a Word document and not even thinking about it, opened it,
made some changes, saved and closed it. When I looked at the directory where
I save the document on my computer, I saw the backup file. On my computer,
this option is turned off. This is when I realized that his option must be a
a document level versus a global level setting.

How can you turn this off for all Word documents? Do I need to update her with this option turned off? I would hate for her to have to open
all the Word docs she has created/edited since receiving her new computer to
turn this off a doc at a time.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend,




Graham Mayor

It's a Word setting - tools > options > save. If that isn't holding it
suggests a problem with the data key in the registry associated with the
user profile. Delete that key and all should be well until next time it
corrupts. Word 2003 particularly has a bad habit of losing random settings
stored in this key. If the problem persists you will need a pair of auto
macros in her to force the settings that don't stick - see
Why do you want to turn this valuable option off? It is no trouble to
occasionally delete unwanted backups and their availability can save a lot
of retyping when problems arise.

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