Save to delimited TXT in 2007



I have a college who cannot save word documents generated from a 2003
Word form as text delimited data to be imported into an Access
database from her Word 2007 version. She says she can do it for each
individual document but does not know how set the options so it does
this globally for all documents she saves as text delimited. She
converts the 2003 documents to 2007.

I do have 2007 on my PC and am far, far away from her desk so I cannot
go over there and search options myself. I have to talk her through it
over the phone.

Could someone please tell me how she can do this? Please walk me
throught the menus.

Thanks in advance.




Jay Freedman

In the Word 2003 Options dialog, the option "Save data only for forms"
is on the Save tab. In Word 2007, the option "Save form data as
delimited text file" is on the Advanced tab, under the "Preserve
fidelity" section (rather an odd choice). In both versions, checking
the option applies _only_ to the current document, not globally. That
fact isn't clear in Word 2003 -- until you create a new document and
notice that the option isn't checked. At least in 2007 the option is
grayed out if you select All New Documents in the dropdown.

You can add a macro to the templates on which you base your forms (see for instructions):

Sub AutoNew()
ActiveDocument.SaveFormsData = True
End Sub

It doesn't make much sense to set this option for documents that
aren't forms and don't contain any form fields.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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