Word 2007 how to get data from forms to Excel



I have forms that have been filled out by various people and would like to
export the data into an Excel worksheet. This seemed straightforward in Word
2003, but I cannot get it to work in Word 2007.

The actual form is a Word 2003 document. When I save the file as a txt file
(after Word options / Advanced / Preserve fidelity / check "save form data as
delimited text file") it creates the delimited file, but it gets overwritten
when I close the original filled form.

Any ideas?



I am having a similar problem, but the "save form data as delimited
text file" is greyed out and not selectable. Did you have this problem
and do something to allow this field to be selected?

There is a post under microsoft.public.word.vba.general with the title
"Sending Word 2007 data to Excel 2007 Options " that talks about
doing something similar via script.


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