ALL emails have attachment icon



We are new to Windows Mail and this is baffling me. We are members of
several Yahoo Groups and ALL the emails that come through from the groups are
marked with an attachment icon. Yahoo does not allow attachments in their
group emails, so why the icons and how do I get rid of them? Our regular
emails that are not from one of the Yahoo groups only have the attachment
icon when there is an actual attachment, so what's with the Yahoo emails?

I checked the email settings to allow html and pictures and set the security
setting for "Internet Zone" which is less restrictive, but the icons still
show up.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

Windows Mail should be running in Restricted Sites zone, for your security!

Tools | Options | Security | Read all messages in plain text: Enabled or

Tools | Options | Security | Block images...: Enabled or disabled?

Is you anti-virus application configured to scan (incoming and outgoing)


Read all messages in plain text is not checked.

Block images is not checked.

AVG free edition is set to scan incoming messages only.



I belong to my class alumni under Yahoo group. I wrote to my moderator
regarding your question.
First and foremost, you are incorrect to say " Yahoo does not allow
attachments in their group mails. "
We exchange attachments all the time in my group. We showed each other
pictures of places we had visited etc. I once made individual class picture
with caption taken from our yearbook, organised them alphabetically and made
a video out of it ( via Windows Movie Maker ), and sent it to the group
which in turn relayed the video to each member.
Here is the answer my moderator sent me :

" The icon for attachment in Yahoo web mail and/or Windows Mail is not
necessary mean the message has file attachment. Some mail header (such at
att.dat), the stationary background for the mail will also shown as
attachment icon. viewer may be frustrated because they can't find the real
file attachment.

As you aware, with proper setting by the group moderator or owner,
recipients in the group can receive file attachment in their group mail. If
not set correctly, it will be routed to the server that store attachment
files or photo files (Flicker).

Hope this helps." ....... end of reply.


Gary VanderMolen

Strange. Unless those messages are in plain text, you should at least
see the first part.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

1a. If you're not running AVG Free v8.5, uninstall it & reboot.

1b. If you are running AVG Free v8.5, uninstall it & reboot.

2. Now (re)install AVG Free v8.5; this time, do a CUSTOM install and decline
to install any of the email scanning components. If you're running IE8,
also decline to install LinkScanner.

3. Manually & repeatedly update AVG until you get a "no more updates"

Email scanning provides no additional protection, it's causing the behavior
you're seeing, and even Symantec says it's not necessary:

Disabling Email Scanning does not leave you unprotected against viruses that
are distributed as email attachments. Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect scans
incoming files as they are saved to your hard drive, including email and
email attachments. Email Scanning is just another layer on top of this. To
make sure that Auto-Protect is providing the maximum protection, keep
Auto-Protect enabled and run LiveUpdate regularly to ensure that you have
the most recent virus definitions.

Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email

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