not getting attachments



Im confused..! i have windows mail on vista and Im receiving some
attachments via email and others not . friends are sending me photo
attachments and they are are not showing paperclipped like usual nor any
pictures showing .if i send myself a picture via attachments from my pictures
using normal attachment procedures , I get them , showing paper clips like
normal along with the pictures . Ive changed no settings because if i get my
own pics i send , i should be able to get theirs correct? Even other emails
come with attachments as the sender intended and then some do not from
differnt senders. which makes me think its not a security issue. what up with
this ? why am i not getting there attachemnts? ive been resorting to
having these friends send to my yahoo address and getting the pics that way
with no problem ... But i want my windows mail to get them like there suposed
to.. Any solutions?

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