Adding site admins to OU's



We have some site admins that don't need access to
machines or services outside of their site. I have
delegated the ou and all child objects to this site admin
account. They can log on to servers and open OU's,
create new OU's, open and edit existing GPO's but they
can't create new GPO's?? Creating new GPO's is very
important but it does not seem to work. Even in a OU that
they create they can't create a new GPO??

Any ideas???

Arild Bakken

You need to add them to the "Group Policy Creator Owners" group. But be
adviced, that only the creator and domain admins may edit those GPOs


Arild Bakken

And when I say that, I mean that's the default when they create new GPOs...
they may change the security settings (as far as I can remember)


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