Adding Multiple PST Files at once?



Is it possible to add multiple PST Files at once? I just rec'd a new pc for
work but all of my pst files from my old pc were not loading into Outlook ( I
have a lot). I know how to add once pst at a time but I am looking for a way
to add multiple pst files at once or would be even be happy with a drag &
drop solution. (I am working in Outlook 2007.)

Russ Valentine

You can only add one at a time.
There's never any reason to have multiple PST files so there is no provision
to accommodate such a need.


Well if you work in an Enterprise enviroment like I do then there should be a
way. Executives here have 10-20 pst's at a time. C'mon Microsoft, think big!
May 5, 2012
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Drag and drop for multiple pst files are not allowed in Outlook. You need to use a 3rd party tool like AddPST recommended by even microsoft professionals.

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