Adding Language Support




I would like to add foreign language support to my XPe image. I have
followed the Microsoft provided instructions to accomplish this, but I am
only partly successful.

I can now change the keyboard layout to the languages that I have added -
this works great, but I am not able to change the actual User Interface
Language (text boxes, menus, etc..). Did I miss a step?

I followed the instructions provided in this article (taking into account
the changes that came with FP2007)...

The instructions tell me that I should be able to change the language by
going to the Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Languages tab,
choose the language to use in menus and dialog boxes. Unfortunately, this
choice does not exist. All I can do is change the language for input

If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate any help!!!



Hello fdb,
for every language you want to enclose, add
"xxx Language Support" and
"xxx MUI Resource"
where xxx is the language ( spanish german russian ...)
MUI resource for each language should be installed from Language Pack CDs
for SP1 ( 3 to 8) and from the SP2 MUI upgrade files.
You may install MUIs for needed languages dirsegarding the rests.
XPE database is English by default, MUI packs are needed to set the user
interface to specific languages.

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