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After adding the 6/10 Excel Security Update KB969682 I lost functionality of
my Business Warehouse queries (Business Explorer Analyzer), but it returned
when I removed the update. Then I added Explorer 8.0 on 6/16 and had the
same problem, removed it, but still cannot get BW to work. When I run the
query I get the following error messages for every field:

VBA code is not generated.
Choose Tools -> Macro -> Security.
On the Trusted Publishers tab page, select Trust access to Visual Basic
Choose OK.
Close the BEx Analyzer and continue working as before.
Access to Visual Basic project is only needed when generating VBA code.
This only takes place in design mode or when 3.x workbooks are upgraded.
Procedure for System Administration

I can't add the trusted publisher because I do not get the message bar that
allows me to do so. How can I a) add the VBA project as a trusted publisher
or b) more completely remove the changes implemented by IE 8.0?

I'm running Vista for Business SP1 and Office 2007. Same problem occurred
with an associate running XP Pro, but the problem was solved by reversing the
two updates. Vista is being a little more stubborn.

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