enable macros for trusted publisher



What do I need to do so people can open database & macros will run without
engaging the user?

I think the answer lies with somehow enabling macros for trusted publishers,
but this does not seem to be working. I am trying to push front end of Access
2007 database to clients running both Vista & XP, soon to add 7 to the mix.
Have packaged & signed Access 2007 (originally created as Access 2003
database) with digital signature. This digital signature is listed as Trusted
Publisher. However, application continues to block macros: "certain content
in the database has been disabled". Have set Trust Center settings to enable
macros from trusted publisher, still blocks content. Have tried to sign the
macros, but this is not an option in 2007 (just the package & sign). Do not
want to Enable All Macros. Do not want to establish Trusted Location. Argh.

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